About Me

I’m a full-stack developer with a love of electronic music – I produce house and techno with various other artists and DJ in my spare time. I’m also the drummer in The Black Roses.

I am the co-founder and core developer of Audiu and RepostExchange. I manage all the systems from the database to the web infrastructure, from the CI/CD to the iOS and Android mobile apps. I’m primarily a C# developer.


My background is in Electronics Engineering with a focus on embedded systems. I moved into high level (i.e. higher level than Assembler and C!) software development while working in my first job, and since then I have worked on a number of different systems including London’s traffic control systems. My focus there was upgrading the existing 1960s era communications systems which used telephone lines and V.23 modems into a modern, highly resilient and scalable system to control all of central London’s traffic lights which encapsulates far richer data over managed IP networks. My main interests lie within highly scalable systems by utilising decoupled architectures.

Preferred Technology Stack

The best way to check out the technologies I am currently working with is to check out Audiu’s StackShare.io page

Unit-testing and code coverage is important to me, but as a developer I am lazy and forgetful, therefore I utilise the Atlassian and JetBrains tools extensively, JIRA and TeamCity for task tracking and Continuous Integration respectively. Oh, and of course, where would any of us C# developers be without ReSharper?!